Art  architecture  advertising  graffiti  design

I would like to speak about the variety of artistic messages. If we put art into a further context from artistic options, the question arise, what we want to see still as art. Museums and galleries, art akademies and art fairs, curators and art critics, are selecting works of artists. What one has to see as art changes, because the art changes continuously, and new criteria of the judgement arise. With the look onto artistic practices in publicspaces, we find artistic aspects in advertising, design, architecture, and also in some illegal practice of graffiti.

With pictures I would like to show architecture fare away from the international style. Design creates different forms for different needs. A style of the time can not be gone out of. Art in the public space, art at the building obeys other laws and hits on a much broader public, than art in exhibitions. Advertising is sometimes very creative or ironic. Graffiti shows problems of the society immediately and with emotions.

 I will show 35 images, seven to each field.

 JANA WISNIEWSKI studied at the university for applied art in Vienna. She worked as an art critic first in the city newspaper , then the AZ, later in the Salzburger news, as well as for various art magazines, as editor of the art time and now the INTERNET ART MAGAZINE. Sometimes she worked as an curator for exhibitions about photography, media art and design in several countries and organized podium discusions on subjects as state art, photograph art market, writing about art

 Images:  art  architecture  advertising  graffiti  design